Jessica Murnane

UX/UI Design and Development

A Whole New You.
One Part at a Time.

Not too many years ago, Jessica's main food groups were: Sour Patch Kids, Diet Coke, and Whatever Lean Cuisine had the most cheese. After years of unsuccessful diets and self-help books that didn’t work, she felt pretty low and not so good about herself. Her endometriosis had gotten so severe that most days she could barely make it out of bed.

Jessica didn’t cook, but was really determined to try a new lifestyle. After a few weeks, her eyes started to open a little wider. The pain started to fade. She wasn’t sad. She could sleep after years of insomnia. Her husband said that Jessica had “her sparkle back.” After years of being scared of the kitchen, she even started cooking.

Since launching this site, some pretty cool opportunities have come her way. She's written a cookbook, spoken at Apple, started a podcast, and worked with some of her favorite chefs. She says she owes it all to the plants. Good food and good thinking changed Jessica's life. She hopes it can change yours too.

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